Steam Table Cabinets

Steam Table Cabinets are perfect to use for catered events, buffets, cafeterias and a variety of other settings.  They keep food at safe serving temperatures for long periods of time by circulating consistent steam heat below food pans. When choosing the steam table that’s right for you, you’ll want to take several features into account.  Open well types allow you to choose moist or dry heat for your food.  Mobile units are perfect for temporary setups or catered events and provide stability.  You can also choose from different types of bases to best meet your storage needs, as well as specific control temperature for customized cooking.

Our Steam Tables Cabinets can be used with spillage pans for moist heat holding or without spillage pans for dry heat holding.  This design allows the flexibility to have some of the wells using moist heat and some of them using dry heat at the same time.  Steam Tables come with a manifold drain and the spillage pans must be removed and emptied after each service.

No matter what you are serving, the Steam Table Cabinets easy portability, low energy requirements, high reliability and lifetime durability make Steam Table Cabinets the equipment of the future – here today!

Steam Wells

Each well has a 1″ drain that is manifold together to drain out water at the end of serving.


Simple dial controls make it easy for employees to operate.


Our Steam Table Cabinets are mobile, we do include connect pins on the top of the Steam Table to connect to adjacent serving cabinets.

Under Storage

The stainless steel under shelf is great for storage or to place used food pans during replenishing serving time.

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