Salad Bar Cabinets and Refrigerated Drop Ins

Salad Bar Cabinets and Refrigerated Drop Ins

Salad Bar Cabinet Site Picture - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach

It's all in the name.

Our Salad Bars feature recessed well which allow cold air to flow over food, keep food evenly held at required temperatures without the need for messy stirring and possible code violations. Salad Bars are also available in Ice Pan varieties which require no electricity and hold food products cold with the use of ice packs or loose ice. Salad Bar Drop Ins are available for your existing counter top or start from scratch with our self contained Salad Bar Cabinet solution.

  • Increase Participation
  • Control Labor Cost
  • Improve Food Quality
  • Satisfy & Wow Your Students

Customization is available with front and end panel laminate colors and graphics, solid surface tops and tray slides, sneeze guards, over shelves, and more!

Ice Pan Salad Bar - GA Systems
Refrigerated Drop In - GA Systems
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