Refrigerated Salad Bar Cabinets

Our mobile Refrigerated Salad Bar are perfect for you to offer cold super healthy food options within your Cafeteria, Dining Room or Restaurant. The recessed refrigerated cold well keeps your fresh lettuce, fruits, vegetables, proteins and dressings evenly held at required temperatures.

The refrigeration system is self-contained and requires no drain. The food well is one piece fully welded design with coved corners and is easy to clean. Mobile for additional flexibility and endless options of accessories to choose from will assure that you will receive the salad bar that will look fabulous and fit within your space.

Choose from our accessories; Single Sided Sneeze Guards, Double Sided Sneeze Guards, Tray Slides and Pan Adapters and design your salad bar to fit your menu, space and serving style. No matter what you are serving, the Refrigerated Salad Bar Cabinets easy portability, high reliability and lifetime durability make Refrigerated Salad Bar Cabinets the equipment of the future – here today!

Salad Bar Cabinet Site Picture - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach
Salad Bar Cabinet Picture - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach

Refrigeration System

Recessed well, cold wall refrigeration, self-contained and requires no floor drain.
Refrigeration coils surround the sides of the recessed well and keeps food evenly held at required temperatures.

Easy Cleaning

Completely sealed seamless food well makes cleaning easy. Manufactures stainless steel, never die stamped or pressed with no exposed screws.

Mobile Flexible Counters

All G.A.Systems cabinets are mobile thanks to our swivel non-marking casters with brakes.


Adjustable sneeze guards, tray slides, pan adapters, decor art panels, lamps and signage can enhance the appearance of your salad bar and promote your brand.

Specs & Documents

spec bug 65 x 65
manual bug 65 x 65
UL Listed Circle Bug
Classified UL Triangle Bug
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