Produce Stand 3 Tier

Are you looking to increase the serving options of produce, enhance the appearance and promote your brand? Well our produce stand will do all that and more. It has a small footprint, holds three full size food pans, available in many colors and custom signage.

Place the Produce Stand at the beginning of the serving line to increase total servings or at the point of sale to easily complete the missing requirements set fourth by the USDA without disrupting the flow.

Choose a graphic for the top of the Produce Stand or we will work with you to develop a custom sign for you to help promote your brand.


Powder coated color options.

RAL Color Chart - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach


Holds three full size pans or be more creative and use 1/2 pans or 1/3 pans to display your produce. You can use the Produce Stand for condiments packages or sporks.


Yes; they are mobile if you want to or need to move them around your serving area.


Choice from our standard graphics or we will work with you to develop a graphic that will help promote your program, brand, or mascot.

Specs & Documents

spec bug 65 x 65
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