Hot Cold Dual Operation Drop In

The most versatile serving experience is now a reality with our Hot Cold Dual Operation Drop In. Our HCDODI are flexible with wells that interchange between refrigerated and heated within the same well by selecting hot or cold from a 3 position switch. You no longer need to ice a well for cold food items or hot water for steam wells. This allow you to change your daily menu without having to replace your equipment.

The ultimate in flexible serving with the ability to serve hot and cold foods at the flip of a switch!

Hot Cold Dual Operation Drop In Site Picture - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach


Built with your convenience in mind this hot cold dual operation is made of heavy duty stainless steel for long lasting performance and can be easily mounted into metal or mill-work counter tops for space saving efficiency.

Counter Locking Systems

Each hot cold dual operation drop in comes with our proprietary twist counter locking systems to secure the drop in to your counter top or cabinet.

Easy Cleaning

Completely sealed seamless food well makes cleaning easy. Manufactured stainless steel, never die stamped or pressed with no exposed screws.

Specs & Documents

spec bug 65 x 65
manual bug 65 x 65
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