Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets provide a transitional surface in any serving line which requires a 90 degree turn.  It allows for customers to seamlessly move around the corner of a serving line without risk of drop age.

The Corner Cabinet helps in seamlessly creating a continuous serving line in cases when there is a 90 degree turn in traffic from one cabinet to the next.

No matter what you are serving, the Corner Cabinets easy portability, high reliability and lifetime durability make Corner Cabinets the equipment of the future – here today!

Corner Cabinet Site Picture - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach
Corner Cabinet - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach

Easy Cleaning

All our equipment is designed to be clean and stay clean.

Open Base

The base of the corner cabinet is open for extra storage. If you do not want the open space for storage you can have it closed off.

Specs & Documents

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manual bug 65 x 65
UL Listed Circle Bug
Classified UL Triangle Bug
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