Whether you're building a brand new serving and dining room or upgrading some of your food service equipment, we have the equipment it takes to drive your food service operation for decades to come.

“Speedee-Serv” Speedlines®

The “Speedee-Serv” Speedline is a grab and go student self-serving from both sides mobile serving line. Choose from a variety of cabinets; heated, refrigerated, merchandising, freezers and cashier stands to create your unique serving solution and serve up to 400 students in fifteen minutes without replenishing.

Hot Cold Dual Operation Cabinets and Drop Ins

Hot Cold Dual Operation is the ultimate in flexible serving with the ability to serve hot and cold foods at the flip of a switch. Our wells are individually controlled and switch from heated to refrigerated within the same well in less than 15 minutes for long term use without the use of water. This allows you to change your daily menu without having to replace your equipment. Fully insulated to ensure isolated climates inside of each well, our Hot Cold Dual Operation allows you serve hot and cold food in virtually any configuration from the same unit and is available in 1 to 5 wells. The most versatile serving experience.

Salad Bar Cabinets and Refrigerated Drop Ins

G.A. Systems Refrigerated Salad Bar keep fresh cold food at required temperatures in either customizable cabinet or drop ins form factor- also available in Ice Pan versions!

Steam Table Cabinets and Heated Drop Ins

Our steam tables are designed for wet or dry operation. Keep fresh hot food in a current counter top with our drop in or let us work with you to customize a steam table cabinet for you serving line.

Produce Displays

Produce Display takes up less space on your serving line and disperse traffic with these colorful, eye catching, diverse to your own style.  The produce display can be used for many different applications; display fresh fruit, vegetables, sporkets, condiments and more.  The options are endless! 

Glass and Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Our innovative Adjustable Sneeze Guards are the first in the world to adjust front glass up and down and at intermittent angles without the need to adjustable  levers or buttons. Simply pull or push the glass up or down with both hands and it stays where you put it! We meet NSF standards without obtrusive end glass panels through the use of our folding end wing glass.

Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen are great.  We have the perfect stand and troughs to help optimize your assembly line with products! The dollies to help move your “Speedee-Serv” Speedline baskets.

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