GA - 3 Well GLASS 600x450
Quick Click SN In School 600x450

Our patent pending Quick Click Adjustable Glass Sneeze Guard with Tuck Away Ends adjusts to 4 preset positions without using a hand-turned screw on the pivoting mechanism and without the need to tighten a screw or nut to lock the pane in a particular desired configuration.

The Tuck Away Ends move with the front glass eliminating the protruding end glass. When the front is down the ends are tucked away. Easy adjusted by one person, lift the glass to the desired level or push to lower the glass to the desired level.

Tuck Away Wings

Tuck away wings pop out end panels meet NSF standards and tuck away when not in use for an unobtrusive sleek profile. Front glass is adjustable 4 different position and allows the tuck away wings to come out.


Top and front are covered with 3/8” and ends are covered with 3/16” thick tempered glass with 1” radius polished edges.

Glass Double Shelf

SN WONDERFUL-2-300x300


  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Heat Strips
  • Heat Strips with Lights
  • Lights (Fluorescent or LED)
  • Stainless Steel Top (No Glass on Top)