"Speedee-Serv" Speedline Merchandising Cabinets

Merch Disp Flat Top Unit 600x450
GA Sys - Brown Line 019 600x450 ol rc
Freemont Warrior 008 merch cab ol rc

Merchandising cabinets are stainless steel flat top counters. They are used for merchandising ambient food items, condiments and with the use of accessories like sneeze guards with heat lamps they display and serve hot food items. Our standard 48” and 54” length mobile merchandisers come with two laminated sliding doors and two connecting pins on the top to connect with other G.A. Systems Speedline cabinets. 

You may choose to upgrade with solid surface material for the counter top. Other options would be no doors, no pins, intermediate stainless steel shelf, double shelf display and merchandising racks to name a few.

High Visibility

The double-sided display provides for the perfect display of products at room temperature. Capable of holding eight, each individually organized, baskets offering you plenty of capacity and easy inventory control.

Lid Storage

The base cabinet can be equipped with Stainless Steel slides in a large storage area,
that accepts up to six lids from “Speedee-Serv” Heated and Refrigerated Cabinets. The sliding doors and track that seal the base section are easily removed.