HD Heated Display 600x450
HD 600x540
HD in John F Kennedy 4 600x450

“Speedee-Serv” Speedline Heated Display will keep your food hot throughout your serving period with different heat options. The Heated Display is one of the accessories to our “Speedee-Serv” Merchandising Cabinets.   The double sided heated display provides for the perfect display of products at the correct temperature.

One heating system just is not enough to provide the heated for all products. This heated display was formulated to provide the best possible conditions for serving high volume situations. 

Both heating systems have separate controls allowing you the choice.

No matter what you are serving, the “Speedee-Serv” Speedline Heated Display easy portability, high reliability and lifetime durability make “Speedee-Serv” Speedline Heated Display the equipment of the future – here today!

Recirculating Heat

Energy saving convected heat is recirculated throughout the heated display to give you maximum control over product heating and to prevent products from losing moisture.

Heat Strip

The Glo-Ray® Max Watt Aluminum Infrared Strip Heater from Hatco blankets food holding areas to safely hold products at optimum serving temperatures, using a pre-focused heat pattern and specially-designed reflectors to ensure maximum food holding.

Sliding Doors

Each side of the Heated Display is equipped with two each removable polycarbonate sliding doors. The bottom track is removable for cleaning..

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