F3 wood 600x450
F3-Freeze-Cabinet 600x450
F3 Woodbury 2 LINE 2 600x450

“Speedee-Serv” Freezer Cabinets is a be space saving design offers maximum storage for ice cold novelties, at proper storage temperature. This units compact size and easy mobility lends itself perfectly to a variety of applications.  “Speedee-Serv” Freezer Cabinet interior has a deep side and a shallower side where the compressor’s located, allowing you to organize your items.

As with all “Speedee-Serv” equipment, it couples together with all other ” Speed-Serv cabinets to precisely fit into your serving program.

Freezing Temperature

Freezing temperatures is perfect for hot days and repeat customers.  “Speedee-Serv” Freezer Cabinet has a thick insulation and a refrigerated system that circulates refrigerant to maintain operating temperatures, without over working the compressor.  This freezer makes sure that every product is served the way it was meant to be frozen.

Easy Defrosting

A bottom drain eliminates the hassles of defrosting. Simply unplug the freezer, remove drain cap, and place a pan under the drain to catch the water run off; making the cleaning process more efficient.

Removable Lid

A lift off lid design enables it to stay open while users are loading items into the freezer or taking products out, without having to hold it up with their other hand. The lid can remain on or be removed durning the serving period. Either way, the products remain at the perfect temperatures.

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