D3136A Cashier Stand ADA 600x450
D3136A Cashier Stand ADA 600x450
D3136A Cashier Stand ADA 600x450

“Speedee-Serv” ADA Cashier Stands allow you the total flexibility you need for tomorrow’s food service. They easily covert to fit your serving needs. “Speedee-Serv” ADA Cashier Stands is perfect as a mobile check out. The unit would easily handle a computer or food prep equipment making it a versatile piece.

Our “Speedee-Serv” ADA Cashier Stand is just over 36″ width and has an open base for your disable employees to work comfortably. Plenty of space on top for your point of sale system and includes a built-in cash drawer.

It is mobile if you want to add more point of sale locations within your serving area or if you are adding a new kiosk serving area. Consider adding our Condiment Insert accessory to provide a location for your condiment packets, sporks, straws or napkins. No matter what you are serving, the “Speedee-Serv” ADA Cashier Stand easy portability, high reliability and lifetime durability make “Speedee-Serv” ADA Cashier Stand the equipment of the future – here today!


Grommet located on top and thru bottom base for easy access for point of sale cords.

Open Base

Bottom is open and the space will accommodate a disable working employee.

Small Bottom Shelf

There is a small bottom shelf for additional support and storage.


A Condiment insert is a great way to have those late minute items right there for the customer to grab.

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