"Speedee-Serv®" Speedlines

Refrigerated Speedline Cabinets

Cold Cabinet 300x200

Heated Speedline Cabinets

Heated Cabinet 300x200

Merchandising Cabinets

Flat Top Unit 300x200

Heated and Refrigerated Cabinets

HC 68 300x200 ol

Cashier Stands

D3-2018 300x200 ol

Freezer Cabinets

F3 300x200

Heated Display

HD Heated Display 300x200

Speedline Lid Storage Cart

Lid Cart 001 300x200

The “Speedee-Serv” Speedline was designed with the concept of increasing student participation while decreasing operation cost. Choose from a wide variety of modular, mobile, connecting cabinets to meet your specific food service needs. Now with over 40 years of history, the “Speedee-Serv” Speedline serving system has proven itself and the concept over and over again.

  • Increase Participation
  • Control Labor Cost
  • Improve Food Quality
  • Satisfy & Wow Your Students

Customization is available with front and end panel laminate colors and graphics, solid surface tops and tray slides, sneeze guards, over shelves, racks, baskets and more!

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