Sharing Station Cart

Sharing Station Cart 600X450
Sharing Station Cart 6 Pan
Sharing Station Cart 6 Pans

A Sharing Station is a place where students can place un-opened food and drinks they choose not to eat or drink. Students donate unwanted food to their hungry classmates at no cost and this helps with reducing food waste. The unwanted food must be placed on the Sharing Station immediately after leaving the serving line. The Sharing Station remains open to all students to take from if they see something they would like to eat or drink.

At the end of the day food and drinks can be donated to a food bank or charity. While students are still encourage to choose only what they will eat and eat what they choose, the Sharing Station offers a opportunity for sharing item that would otherwise be thrown away.

What can be placed on the Sharing Station?

Pre-packaged food, unopened wrapped food and beverages, or food items with a peel.

Examples include:

Unopened milk, cheese sticks, yogurt and cut fruits and vegetables.

Unopened crackers, cereal bars and chips. Wrapped fruit and vegetables. Unwrapped whole fruits with an inedible peel, such as oranges and bananas.


Powder coated color options.

RAL Color Chart - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach


Holds six full size pans or be more creative and use 1/2 pans or 1/3 pans to display your produce. Also with the 6″ depth you can use pans that are filled with refrigerated cores that can be frozen to offer vs serve refrigerated food products.


Yes; they are mobile if you want to or need to move them around your serving area.


Choice from our standard graphics or we will work with you to develop a graphic that will help promote your program, brand, or mascot.

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