Campus Cruiser

Campus Cruisers are the mobile cart with all the right moves. They increase sales,
increase visibility and increase your profits. The Campus Cruiser increase sales by taking cafeteria service onto the campus. Students that are reluctant to wait in the cafeteria lines are eager to purchase items that are sold on-campus from the Campus Cruiser.

The Campus Cruisers are easy maneuverable with their stainless steel push bars and heavy duty, vibration free, casters insure maximum mobility.

An excellent way to merchandise your food and beverage items and maintain the quality and temperatures within the food wells with the use of insulated bags, ice packs and warmers.

Campus Cruisers Site Picture - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach
Campus Cruiser - G.A. Systems, Huntington Beach


Stainless steel push bars and heavy-duty casters that insure maximum mobility.

Easy Cleaning Food Wells

Completely sealed seamless food wells makes cleaning easy. With the use of insulated bags, wire baskets, ice packs and warmer you can offer a variety of items.


Comes with two lift off lids to help hold temperature of food and beverage items within food wells.


Bottom shelf provides additional space for replenishing of food and beverages.