Classroom Serv Ultra Pro

Built to Transport and Serve

From Central Kitchen – To School Kitchen – To Classroom

Patent Pending

Classroom Serv™ Ultra Pro is designed to transport and serve. Transport from central kitchen to school kitchen to serving location.  The Classroom Serv™ Ultra Pro includes the Cambro Pro Cart Ultra® cart. The Pro Cart Ultra®  is the ultimate food transport cart that can hold all your hot and cold menu items in the same cart, at the same time – without a compressor. It will even holds food safely while unplugged up to 4 hours.

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    Cambro's Pro Cart Ultra®

    • The exterior is rust-proof and dent-resistant
    • Transform the Pro Cart Ultra with additional optional passive or electric (hot & cold) modules
    • Energy efficient hot electric module heats between 150°-165°F (65,5°-74°C)
    • Cold module powered by thermoelectric cooling chills between 32.5°-40°F (0,3°-4,4°C)
    • Thick CFC-free insulation keeps hot or cold food at safe temperatures for 4+ hours without electricity
    • 16 sets of adjustable stainless steel rails hold food pans, sheet pans, tray and large pizza boxes
    • Holds up to 32 GN 1/1 2 ½” (6,4 cm) deep food pans or 16 full-size 18″ x 26″ (46 x 66 cm) sheet pans or pizza boxes
    • Smooth 5” x 8” (12 x 20,3 cm) menu pocket accepts index cards or grease pencils
    • Magnetic door opens 270° and allows for quick, effortless closing
    • Includes solar digital thermometer for at-a-glance monitoring


    Equipped with heavy duty 6” (15 cm) casters, 2 swivel with brakes in front, 2 rigid in the back

    Hygiene Guard

    Hygiene Guard comes in glass or polycarbonate, there is a pass through in the center.  It will fold down for easy of transport.

    Serving Counter

    During serving you will unfold the serving counter and a counter support leg will fold down for extra support. Serving Counter is 23-1/2″ x 39-3/16″

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