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Salad Bar

Refrigerated Salad Bars standard sizes accommodate two to five 12″x20″ pans. Optional under-refrigeration is available. Refrigerated Drop-Ins are available in one to five pans. Ice-pan style available in three to five pans.


The Speedline Serving concept is proven to serve 30 students per minute.  The Speedline Cabinets safely hold, display and serve prepackaged foods at required temperature. Options include high pressure laminate, stainless steel, powder coated, graphics and more.

Hot Cold Dual Op

Hot Cold Dual Operation Cabinets switch between HOT and COLD  wells to allow flexibility with your daily menu. Standard sizes accommodate three to five 12″x20″ pans.  HCDO Drop-Ins are available in one to five pans.  Available in Slim-Line one to three pans.

Classroom Serv

Classroom Serv is designed to transport and serve students individual meals safely in the classroom.  Transport from central kitchen to school kitchen to classroom.