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Salad  Bar

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Refrigerated Salad Bars are designed with a cold wall refrigeration system that safely serves and displays refrigerated foods at required temperatures.  A refrigerated under-storage compartment is optional.

Serving Lines

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Speedline Heated Refrigerated Cabinets are designed to safely hold, display and serve prepackaged foods at required temperature. Two light weight removable lids are provided. Exterior options include high pressure laminate, stainless steel, powder coated, graphics and more.

Hot Cod Dual Op

HCDO5 300x150

Hot Cold Dual Operation Cabinets are flexible with wells that interchange between refrigerated and heated within the same well by selecting hot or cold from a 3-position switch. This allows you to change your daily menu without having to replace your equipment.

Central Kitchen

lower feature cent kitchen

Stainless Steel Trough with trivet is a great addition to any central kitchen. Empty cans of fruit into the trough to drain fruit juice before packaging individual servings.

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